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Common washing machine problems and their solutions to save your day

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Imagine you are waiting in an interview room for your turn for an important interview. A fellow interviewee frowns at you and says, “Hey, is this a stan on the back of your shirt’s collar?”

You see it and can’t believe it; you just had it washed by the laundry guy yesterday because your washing machine was not working.

Why isn’t it clean then? Well, maybe the laundry guy didn’t clean it with his heart, and now it has ruined your day.

You see, how important is it to have a properly functioning washing machine?

Therefore, we bring you the 3 most common washing machine problems and their solutions to avoid that unfaithful laundry guy and the above-mentioned awkward situation forever.

The wheel of the washing machine does not spin.

We switch on the washing machine, it starts vibrating and makes noise, but the wheel inside it does not rotate. This issue is quite common in washing machines. If you experience something like that, don’t worry. Here we’ll discuss why it happens and how to solve it.

The washing machine wheel gets jammed when there is something stuck in the wheel. That could be a piece of old cloth, a coin fallen from your pants pocket or something robust enough to cease the rotation of the wheel.

Solution: To solve this issue, you must remove the wheel off from it. Get your toolbox because you’ll need some screwdrivers and wrenches and some basic understanding of how to fix electric appliances. You can also get help from the instruction paper for this.

Or you can avoid all these ado’s by contacting the washing machine repair Mississauga team available at your service 24/7.

The washing machine smells

I know how it feels opening the washing machine’s lid and being confronted by the heinous smell coming from it.

The smell also makes your clothes smell yuck! While Killing the whole point of washing the clothes. In addition to that, it also causes corrosion and some other severe problems in the clothes.

The smell originates in the machine from the liquid detergents and the cold washes, making the washing machine safe haven for grimes and bacteria.

Solutions: Fortunately, getting rid of the smell is not as tough as it seems; Changing washing habits can do the job.

  • Try washing the clothes with hot water next time.
  • Clean the washing machine occasionally with antibacterial cleansers.
  • Dry the machine entirely after finishing the wash.


My washing machine won’t turn on.

The most probable reason your washing machine is not turning on is that the motor’s wiring is burst or short-circuited.

Wiring of the motor is burst:

Most of the time, when the washing machine stops turning on, it is because the wiring of the motor is burst. The motor is responsible for the rotation of the wheel. There is copper wiring inside the motor that produces a magnetic field by the virtue that the motor rotates and the machine keeps working.

Once the wire is burst, there won’t be any magnetic induction and hence no rotation in the washing machine. Therefore, the washing machine won’t turn on.

Once the wiring is burst, there is no way to solve it other than changing the wiring of the motor. And to do so, you will require not only electrical equipment and appliances but also a very good understanding of electrical machines.

Either you can put excessive efforts or call our washing machine repair experts to fix it within no time for you with excellent deals.

Keep reading to know why the wiring of the motor is burst.

Some of the most fact-based Washing Machine Solutions:

Why does the wiring burst, and what can I do to avoid it?

It may happen due to many reasons; a few are listed below:

  • This problem may happen when the wire is short-circuited due to either oversupply of voltage or a meagre supply. Both cases may result in a short circuit of the wiring.

Solution: Make sure to use a steady voltage supply source that has minimum fluctuations. You can use devices like stabilizers for this case.

  • The other reason could be the overload. Overloading of clothes is a big cause of washing machines’ faults. When we put too many clothes than the machine’s capacity, this may also damage equipment and short circuit in the wire.

Solution: Make sure never to overload the washing machine with clothes and other stuff. Always refer to the instructions menu to know the capacity of the washing machine.

  • Another reason could be that the machine is too old that its internal parts, like wiring, circuits, and motors, have become fragile. In such conditions, short circuit occurrence becomes very usual.

Solution: We can’t stop time but what we can do is keep maintenance. Therefore, the best way to avoid it is to replace old parts with new and better-quality parts.

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