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Washing machine repair in Mississauga is one of our most in-demand services.

The nature of washing-machine use makes it highly susceptible to damages. Unfortunately keeping up with laundry without a fully functional washing machine is a nightmare. To assist you in case the machine breaks down unexpectedly our experts can reach you the same day and get things sorted. With us on the job, you don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with the laundry.

There are quite a few problems that happen throughout a machine’s lifetime. The most concerning problem is if the machine won’t turn on. Besides this, you can face several issues such as the machine not spinning properly, no agitation, excessive vibration and movement, leaks, not draining properly, no cold water, cycle spots, or soap in clothes even after a wash. If you come across any of these problems or more, we will complete washing machine repair in Etobicoke and more effectively.

That said, preserving your household appliances is also part of the functionality they have to offer. Taking preemptive measures makes the appliance last much longer than it should. When investing in a new washing machine, most of our clients expect it to last a decade before the need for washing machine repair in Etobicoke arises.


How does our repair service help?

As professionals who have been in the appliance business long enough, we often witness washing machines being taken for granted and maintenance being put on the back-burner. In such cases when the machine ceases to function repairs become complicated and the assistance of an expert is needed. At Instant Appliance Repairs, our technicians specialize in washing machine repair in Vaughan and surrounding locations.

This is what our experts offer

Besides delivering same-day solutions to your doorstep our experts are trained to work on:

  • Top-loading washers
  • Front-loading machines
  • Combination style units
  • Compact washers and dryers

Our technicians are trained, licensed, and qualified to work on residential appliances and we have specialists on the team to cater to different types of specific appliances.


The significance of professional maintenance and washing machine repair in Toronto

While we are fully equipped to assist you with the most complex washing machine repairs, we suggest a regular maintenance schedule for your most used appliance. A washing machine is built on several moving parts that conduct electricity, keep the water in when needed and expel the soap, water, and dirt after a laundry session.

For this to work smoothly you need regular maintenance which includes cleaning out any residue from the clothes that have been washed in the washer. Here is why maintenance is a necessity.


  1. Prevent fire hazards

There have been recorded incidents where lint and residue from clothing have caught on fire causing entire homes to burn down. While wiping down the entire machine after a wash is helpful, our experts can make sure there is no lint in the hidden components of the washer and that the filter isn’t clogged. Regular maintenance will also reduce the need for frequent washing machine repair in Brampton neglecting which often leads to serious hazards.


  1. Return on investment

Today the market is filled with expensive washing machine models with better value and function. However, investing in one can cause you to break the bank and without regular maintenance, you will end up needing washing machine repair in Mississauga quite frequently reducing the value of the machine and its useability greatly. With regular maintenance, you can make the most out of your investment and for much longer than what the manufacturer suggests.


  1. Efficient function

When you have a washing machine, you want it to work efficiently whether you are washing everyday clothes, bedspreads, curtains, and whatnot. For the machine to keep up with weekly washing and seasonal laundry it has to be mechanically functional. We can make sure that your machine works at full capacity throughout its life span.

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